Education Reform

In recent decades, we’ve seen a constant trend of increased federal, state, and local spending on public education. Despite the near tripling of cost to put a child through the K-12 system, we’ve seen stagnant science, math, and reading scores over the same time period across the country. Rather than continuing to throw more money at the problem, Texas should strive to implement a real school choice policy to give students and parents the ability to enroll in schools that give them the best opportunity to flourish. And the tax dollars that do fund public schools should be spent to directly benefit students, rather than administration as we’ve seen recently. Moreover, Texas should refrain from any one-size-fits-all education standards such as Common Core, and be weary of accepting federal funds with strings attached which dictate state education policy from the national level.

Similarly, Texas should be more prudent on higher education spending and focus on strategies that get young adults ready to work and compete in the modern workforce. Texas should clamp down on bloated university administrative budgets and focus public spending on ways that can make public education more affordable. Moreover, our public higher education institutions should not use the constant influx loan money as an excuse to keep budgets and tuition inflated.