Nicholas Kerr

Adjunct Scholar

Nicholas Kerr is an adjunct scholar at the Lone Star Policy Institute. He has written on a broad range of policy issues, including education, health care, climate change and homelessness. His work has appeared in National Review, the Washington Examiner and in a number of major daily newspapers in Australia and New Zealand. Nicholas has been a longstanding advocate for free markets and successfully sued the City of Seattle as a plaintiff in the case against the city’s 2017 income tax. Nicholas enjoys speaking to chambers of commerce and other community groups. He also has a blog, the Kerrant where he writes about policy issues and being a dad. By day, Nicholas works in marketing in the technology industry. He graduated with an MBA from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. He grew up in New Zealand, completing his undergraduate studies at the Victoria University of Wellington where he gained a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature.