The views expressed by contributing authors do not necessarily reflect the views of Lone Star Policy Institute, its leadership, or its editors.

Submission Guidelines

Lone Star Policy Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank. Our mission is to develop and promote free-market public policy solutions to issues facing Texas in order to foster the ideal of free citizens acting within a free economy.

We are seeking submissions that advance these goals.

Editorial Submissions

We are accepting essays and whitepapers that are well-researched, factual, and present fresh policy ideas and critical thinking about state and local policy issues. Essays and white papers must not be overtly partisan.

Appropriate Topics

Lone Star Policy Institute reserves the right to publish or not publish any article or portion of an article submitted.

Currently, we are accepting articles on state and public policy issues such as: professional licensing, education reform, smart cities, state and local taxation, public ethics, economic development, and state and local regulations affecting business. Article proposals may be submitted to

Author Credit

Lone Star Policy Institute will identify contributing authors in bylines. When submitting an article, please submit a brief bio that includes your company website, along with a high-resolution photo for possible use in the byline.

Editorial Process

Lone Star Policy Institute is not responsible for verifying the facts in submitted articles. Contributing authors are responsible for fact checking. To assist us with our editorial process, please provide the contact information for any primary sources, as well as citations to any secondary sources for your articles. (If possible, send weblinks).

We will not substantially edit an article without the consent of the contributing author.

Submitting Article

Submit an article by attaching a .doc document in an e-mail and send to Unless Lone Star Policy Institute has agreed in writing to compensate an author for an essay, the Institute shall be free to publish any article submitted to the Institute.

Required Article Format:

Margin: Left justified
One line between paragraphs
One space between sentences

Any references to other publications should be incorporated into the article rather than in footnotes.   For longer articles, headings within the body copy are encouraged for ease in reading. All articles should include a headline, byline, and the author’s bio.