A Season of Goodwill and Good Governance

A Season of Goodwill and Good Governance

For the past several years, conservatism has battled an identity crisis. Fundamental questions surround the Republican Party’s commitment to its own principles. Now, in the wake of a presidential electoral loss and a final defeat at the hands of the conservative-majority Supreme Court, we hear unserious and reckless calls for secession, rather than a gracious admission of defeat or a willingness to learn from it.

Conservatives need not wallow in an existential crisis or lose hope after the presidential loss. Widespread Republican successes in down ballot races — contrasted with President Trump’s loss — might suggest an end to a years’ long deviation from conservative political orthodoxy. As an aside, the mixed 2020 electoral results certainly serves a blow to the “dead consensus” trope pushed by nationalist “conservatives” who seem to want to run off free market capitalists and small “l” libertarians from the conservative coalition.

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Doug McCullough is Director of the Lone Star Policy Institute and partner at McCullough Sudan PLLC law firm in Houston Texas.

Brooke Medina is Director of Communications at Civitas Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina.