Against Reckless Secession Rhetoric

Against Reckless Secession Rhetoric

The Lone Star Policy Institute unequivocally rejects the notion suggested by Texas GOP Chair Alan West that the state of Texas should secede from these United States.

On Friday December 11, 2020,  the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously denied the frivolous lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that sought an injunction preventing the selection of presidential electors in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  In response, Chairman West hinted at secession by suggesting that Texas should form a “a union of law abiding states.”

Mr. West’s statement is shameless grandstanding that is worthy of derision. Great harm would come to Texas if it attempted to secede from the Union. Further, the best future for Texas is leading this great nation, not seceding from it. The recent moves by Elon Musk, HP and Oracle to Texas show that the Texas model is attracting talent and capital. Reckless statements like those of Mr. West would impede our state’s effort to be a world leader in technology and innovation.

The Republican party ostensibly represents conservative voters. In the United States conservatism means upholding the Constitution. Under our constitutional order, one does not secede from the Union merely because they have lost an election and a frivolous lawsuit. This is a pale imitation of conservatism.

Mr. West’s statement is an embarrassment to this state, and it denigrates our commitment to the constitutional order.