Criminal Justice Reform

While crime prevention and prosecution are real concerns, overcriminalization, over-incarceration, and abuses such as civil-asset-forfeiture threaten personal liberty and the well-being of communities. LSPI supports evidence-informed, cost-effective policies that are proportional to the crime and individual, preserve families and communities, and promote public safety.

Free expression

The right to free speech is at the core of what makes a free society “free”. And while our public universities should be bastions of free thought, self-expression, and inquisitiveness, we’ve recently seen these institutions clamp down certain types of speech from students, as well as speakers who expound certain political views. Universities in Texas and around the country have used various tactics including the imposition of arbitrary fees to invite certain speakers, the creation of “free speech zones”, and the allowance of students and hecklers to disrupt speakers who have different ideas from themselves. Students at our public institutions shouldn’t be hidden from certain ideas and viewpoints and shouldn’t need to live in fear of being quieted for expounding ideas different from those of their colleagues. As the first amendment does apply to our public universities, the state of Texas has a responsibility to ensure the right to free speech is given to all.