Lindsay Marie

Criminal Justice Policy Analyst

Lindsay Marie is a Criminal Justice Policy Analyst for the Lone Star Policy Institute. Her research focuses on pre-trial detention, trial penalties, charge stacking, as well as habitual offender and felony murder laws. She advocates for evidence-informed, cost-effective policies that are proportional to the crime and individual, preserve families and communities, and promote public safety.

Lindsay is also a national columnist for and a contributor to the Foundation for Economic Education. She covers a wide range of topics, including criminal justice reform, Fourth Amendment issues, and various public policy topics related to liberty and economic prosperity.

Lindsay regularly appears on TV and radio as a libertarian commentator. She is a permanent panelist on Comcast’s Indiana Issues and a frequent guest on WIBC’s Hammer + Nigel Show, The Rob Kendall Show, and Cyber Now Podcast. You can also find her on numerous other shows throughout the year, talking about criminal justice reform and privacy issues.

Lindsay is very active in the liberty movement and loves speaking to students, community groups, and conference attendees. Aside from her niche at the Lone Star Policy Institute, Lindsay enjoys talking about decentralization, personal liberty, and the Constitution.

Lindsay is a former Governmental Affairs Manager, Congressional Campaign Manager, and Marketing Director. She has over 14 years of political experience, including grassroots advocacy, communications management, and legislative affairs.

Lindsay holds a B.S. in political science with a pre-law specialty from the University of Southern Indiana. Her academic concentration was Constitutional law.